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tritonX is a unique marketing and loyalty platform to analyze and influence
the shopping behavior of omnichannel consumers.
With this big data solution consumers feel
a warm connection with the retailer. Value shopping behavior
and create a loyal consumer!

The Customer Connector is the basis you need to get started. With the Customer Connector you ensure that all channels (e.g. store, webshop, app, customer support, social and marketing) are connected to each other and a single central customer profile is created. This happens real time, so if you create a customer account on the webshop it will be visible immediately in the checkout and vice versa. The Customer Connector is therefore really a technical solution, it consists of modern API techniques.


‘How do you know what to do with all the data collected around your customer?’ For this, we move on toMarketing Tools. This solution, as the name suggests, consists of a huge number of marketing tools. In this solution, the collected customer data (Solution 1: Customer Connector) is segmented and selected to then approach the customer through a mailing, for example. With multiple marketing tools we will ensure that your customers will make repeat purchases. Examples of the marketing tools are the RFM – retention model, dynamic segmentation, reports, marketing automation, marketing campaigns, etc.



Set up a modern loyalty program with tritonX’sLoyalty 3.0solution, which will not only keep customers returning (retention), but also make them truly loyal. A loyalty program is an effective way to reward and increase the loyalty of your existing customers, which will increase your CLV. Together with you we would like to see which loyalty program suits your company best.

More about Loyalty 3.0

Do you want your customer to enjoy the same benefits and price adjustments across all sales channels? Then Pricing Engine is the right solution for you. Examples of Pricing Engine include sending out coupons (vouchers), discount schemes for certain customer groups, as well as mix & match promotions such as stacking discounts. An advantage of this solution is that you can activate it customer-specific, thus allowing customers to take full advantage of an omnichannel experience. Often the ‘Pricing Engine’ is also used in conjunction with ‘Loyalty 3.0’, as this can further elevate the program. This does not mean that this is always necessary, because ‘Pricing Engine’ is also very valuable on its own because you can already apply it well, for example within segmented newsletters or automations.

With the Benchmark Dashboard you go one step further. With this solution you compare your business in terms of visitors, conversion, registration and retention against a previous period and comparable retailers in the market. All this to improve your own business. Very useful for retailers who want to learn from each other!