The Dutch women’s fashion brand Geisha passionately designs creative and colorful collections for the contemporary woman who loves fashion and is trend following. Besides producing womenswear, Geisha is also active with its own b2c e-commerce environment.


‘Besides wholesaler, we have also become a retailer with the start of our own selling point (webshop). Besides a sales channel, the webshop is also one of Geisha’s communication channels. Because Geisha itself did not have access to detailed customer data, these had to be obtained from (potential) customers who were willing to share data with Geisha. And Geisha wanted, on its part, to learn as much as possible from its customers and map their behavior. From the moment the webshop went live, it was a logical step to make use of a Customer Data Platform so Geisha could directly build up data history. By using RFM we can now influence the retention value of a customer with marketing campaigns,’ says Mariska van der Burg (E-commerce manager Geisha).

Why tritonX

Since 2020, tritonX has been used at Geisha to increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

‘All consumer data is stored within tritonX. The better the quality of this data is the better we can approach our consumers with excellent customer service and relevant (personalized) marketing actions. Geisha offers her customers in the first place a stylish feminine and recognizable collection. Secondly, we value the customer and value her bond with the brand. Therefore, we call every customer who shares her data with Geisha a Geisha member that will receive relevant offers from us within her own account environment. Geisha informs her about this with automated e-mail campaigns based on customer segments which we have determined with the RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) solution of tritonX. tritonX is for us a valuable tool which supports us in optimizing the contact with the consumer’ says Mariska van der Burg.

Cooperation partners

In order to optimally apply tritonX, cooperation takes place with partners.
The partners involved in this case are:

ERP – POS system:                       ACA XPRT

E-commerce:                               Divide

ESP:                                                 Copernica

Online marketing agency:        Tailor Digital

  • Client Geisha
  • Date 28 September 2022
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