Van Dijk Store

From unique to surprising. And from basic to special. That’s what shopping at Van Dijk Store looks like. The 3000 m2 store in the heart of Waalwijk has an extensive selection of over 120 fashion brands. In addition to a physical store, the finest items are also offered online. For both women and men. And at our adjacent bistro meneervandijk you can go for really good coffee. Lunch. Or a glass of wine.

When you walk into Van Dijk Store, you feel more like you are in Paris or Milan than in the always sparkling Waalwijk. You can see that in the appearance of our store and the collection. A perfect mix of high end top brands and accessible labels. Literally something for everyone.


Van Dijk Store pampers its customers with a unique ‘personal touch experience’. How can this experience be conveyed in the communication so that the consumer continues to feel ‘unique’. Additionally, Van Dijk Store wants to reward its loyal customers through a Membership program.

Why tritonX

Since 2016, tritonX has been used at Van Dijk Store to increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

‘We were looking for a tool where we would have an optimal omnichannel view of our customers’ purchasing behavior. A 360 degree view on all customers and therefore maintain contact with our customers in a smart and efficient way. For us it is extremely important that we use the right tone of voice in our communication to our customers. We don’t want to be a spam machine but rather help and inform our customers about new trends. Using the marketing functions in tritonX, the right customers are selected for this and we get an excellent response to our newsletters and campaigns’.

‘We have divided our customers into groups such as Top customers, One Time Buyers, Platinum customers etc. Using tritonX’s RFM tool, we determined an email strategy on each group of customers. tritonX helps us excellently to create even more engagement with our existing group of customers with Van Dijk Store in an automated way. The result is that we are structurally working on increasing the CLV’ says Cees van Dijk (general director Van Dijk Store).

Cooperation partners

In order to optimally apply tritonX, cooperation takes place with partners.
The partners involved in this case are:

ERP – POS system: ACA XPRT
E-commerce: Divide
ESP: Mailchimp
Online marketing agency: Multiply
Customer service tool: Belco
  • Client Van Dijk Store
  • Date 28 September 2022
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