Indexation tritonX 2023

There is a lot going on in the world. This has major consequences. One of the consequences is that prices are increasing. The actual inflation rate in September/October 2022 was even around 14.5%. tritonX is also affected by these price increases. Services and products that are a basic part of our business operations will increase dramatically in price next year. Price increases up to 15% have already been imposed on us. Of course, by making the right choices we try to keep our rates sharp and minimize increases, but for next year an increase will be unavoidable.

tritonX has decided to take much of the pain for its own account and only pass on part of the inflation. The indexation for 2023 is 7.85%.

AWS Cloud

The hosting of tritonX is hosted by AWS Cloud. We have recently extended this environment with Elastic Search which has further increased the performance of tritonX.

New hourly rates 2023

Project management € 125,00
Support (1st and 2nd line) € 100,00
Consultancy € 125,00
Technical support for external links via web services € 125,00
Development € 125,00