A multi-tool for your customer-data.
Developed with retail & marketing in our DNA.

As your smart customer data platform tritonX can do it’s job as a “black box”. Collecting all data in the background in a big-data environment. Making sure this data is available when needed through secure web-services. But tritonX is also packed with features for your marketing department. Making it fun again to be a marketeer.

The perfect “landing-spot” for marketeers. With a clear view of realtime results regarding visitors, sales and marketing campaigns. Omni-channel.

Quick search for any profile. Easy search options. Showing all customer data grouped in tabs where a dashboard-user is able to edit the data.

Easily build and export reports. Create unlimited reports for all your insights with just a few clicks. A user can save “favourite reports” that are used frequently.

A one click report with top-lists. Like your best performing brands. A user can change the period and check specific stores.

Dynamic Segmentation
Create marketing segments based on your target groups. Simple, complex or anything in between. Easy to use.

Marketing Campaigns
Campaigns based on dynamic or static segments. Target your customers and follow the results. Learn and adapt.

Email-marketing integration
tritonX does not sent your email campaigns. But it integrates with some very popular email-tools, like Mailchimp.

Marketing Automation
Sent new customers an automatic welcome flow campaign. Automated marketing is there to make your life easy.

Loyalty 3.0
Define your own customer loyalty program. With many options available. Surprise your clients. Think different. Keep them happy.

Reward and Redeem
Yes, your customers can be rewarded and can redeem in realtime. Omni-channel. Even at events for example. Or on mobile with an App.

Personal Pricing and Coupons
Personal prices for loyal or special customers. Processed automatically and realtime by the pricing-rules or coupons defined in tritonX.

Apple Wallet and iBeacons
Would you like to use the digital world in your “brick” store? Create an Apple Wallet for every profile. You can use iBeacons the way Apple intended it.

Webshop Integration

Point of Sale integration

Loyalty App Integration

Formula group configuration