Success cases

We create for our users

Big-data can be overwhelming. And we see it as our task to keep it simple. But in that simple way still offer a lot of great features. This is only possible by understanding the omni-channel retail business and it’s needs. Here is what some of our dear customers have to say about tritonX:
We started using tritonX in 2016. Since then we register 32% more customers for our loyalty program in our 40+ shops. Our email marketing revenue in e-commerce sales has grown 387% in the first year and 42% in the second year. With much more insight for our marketing department.
Edward BeertaThe Stone fashion
We are using tritonX since 2015, which gives us the opportunity to recognize one customer, instead of an online and offline customer. This means that our customer data is more valuable and our communication can be more personal. tritonX also made it possible to introduce a mobile loyalty app with single signon functionality towards our webshop.
Berry van den Assemvan den Assem schoenen
The tritonX user interface is so easy to use. For example the logical flow to create our marketing segments. Just follow your mind. The speed of getting the segmentation results helps us to select the exact group of customers for every campaign in a breeze.
Anna RinsmaRinsma Modeplein
I’m so impressed. Finally we have our customer loyalty program available in realtime, anywhere.
Patrick van Ginkel, Intersport

Working together with other software developers as partners

It can be very frustrating for a company to get their IT partners to work as a team. There is a lot of “we know it all” mentality present. tritonX is based on connections with other software. So working with other companies is a must for us. Why make it frustrating? We love to work together.  

Connection with tritonX is based on web-services. Very secure using the latest technology standards. Our own developers have direct access to the tritonX development team. And online documentation including a test environment is available. Saved me a lot of project-management during implementation. Stephan Bliek (CEO