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You might be curious to see where our big data ideas come from, or who is behind the development of our product, or perhaps you would like to see which of our colleagues supports you from behind the helpdesk
What we are about

More than fifteen years ago, in 2005, we started as pioneers in “new marketing” solutions for fashion retail. All digital. Through email marketing, narrow-casting and e-commerce we have been able to create business for many of our customers. Since then, these products have become common and in 2015 we found the time was right for retailers to make the next big step: big-data customer profiling.

And this next step became our only focus: tritonX. We believe in focus. That is the way we create. We “breath” this product. It is a part of us…

Who we are

We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that the work we do is excellent. Our development team is also a vital part of our business. They create the “code” that makes up tritonX.

In today’s mobile and borderless world, a demographically diverse workforce has become the norm. We are a multicultural team and we love that. Communication is the key to success and our most important rule is to do it with a positive attitude.

Harry Vuik – CTO 2factors

Meet the team

Big data ideas, customer service, development


Harry Vuik

Technical architect

Co-founder and CTO of tritonX. As architect responsible for the technical side of tritonX.

Freek van Lieshout

Product owner

Co-founder and responsible for tritonX on the functional level. Daily closely involved with customers and partners for successful use in the field.


Ad Umans

Sales manager

Has built a large network within the target group of tritonX over the past 25 years. With trust and knowledge as a foundation, the ideal commercial discussion partner.

Naomi de Kleijn

Office manager

Office manager for tritonX since April 2021. Supports the internal organization to ensure the processes and communication run smoothly.


Donovan Moeksim


Our lead developer and AWS infrastructure architect. Working with Harry and Freek for 12 years already as a developer.  With Donovan we can go for all the latest solutions available on the Internet.



Our lead backend developer. Shinu is responsible for all ERP connections making the data available through API techniques for the rest of the world. With internal API’s he delivers data for other parts of the tritonX solution.



Mister Personal Pricing. Suresh is backend programmer responsible for our pricing and loyalty related techniques. Instruct Suresh and there is no need to test what he delivers. He has the drive to deliver solutions without any issues.

Rahul Unni

R&D and Daily Maintenance

RahulU knows it all. As a man in the middle, he is watching over all our systems and code throughout the day and solves all daily maintenance challenges. Asking for a special request and Rahul will be the one finally doing the real job.

Rahul Suresh


Our latest team member, responsible for all we deliver in the tritonX dashboard. Rahul is always looking for the best generic solution and new techniques in User Experiences. Don’t ask him to make a simple change because first he will check if current setup is according to a generic standard.


Team lead India

Anoop is our India Team lead. Daily he is assigned to webshop related tasks but whenever we do have something special to do in tritonX Anoop is assigned to these tasks. This makes it possible to have extra capacity in tritonX without having to instruct an external to the way we work in our generic approach.

Succes Management & Customer Service


Succes Manager

With 12 years of experience at several leading retailers, from the store to marketing manager, Merle has a good understanding of the problems you may run into. As a success manager, Merle makes sure that you, as a new or existing customer, can successfully work with tritonX! In need of tips, tricks or a refreshment course? There is a good chance that you will meet Merle in real life!


Customer service

As a marketeer with a technical background, he often picks up the more complicated issues within our support. He will make sure that the problem is properly investigated.


Customer service

Marketeer who knows a lot about all the features of tritonX. When you take tritonX training as a new customer, chances are you will get it from Mike.


Esmee van de Pol


Esmee is working for tritonX since early 2022. The drive to make a company strong both visually and textually is enormous and she does this with a lot of enthusiasm for various companies. In this way she can combine her passion for the fashion and interior design industry, but also for the health sector. tritonX fits in perfectly.


Gé van Lieshout


With many years of administrative experience, he is the foundation of the administration at tritonX

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