About 2factors

What we’re about

Over a decade ago, in 2005, we started as pioneers in “new marketing” solutions for fashion retail. All digital. Through email marketing, narrow-casting and e-commerce we have been able to create business for many of our customers. Since then, these products have become common and in 2015 we found the time was right for retailers to make the next big step: big-data customer profiling.

And this next step became our only focus: tritonX. We believe in focus. That is the way we create. We “breath” this product. It is a part of us…

Our team

We invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring that the work we do is excellent. And our development-team is a crucial part of our business. They create the “code” that makes tritonX.

In the mobile and global world of today, a demographically diverse workforce has become the norm. We are a multicultural team. And we love that. Communication is key and the number one rule is to do it with a positive attitude.

Harry Vuik – CTO 2factors